A few weeks ago, I wrote a Twitter thread on ways one can generate income streams.

To expand on this topic, I want to share notes on how to approach basic principles of investing.


Perhaps the…

Many holding companies are being formed to roll-up DTC microbrands. It’s sort of like a micro-PE model.

Large PE shops normally like to do deals at $500M+ levels. Mid-market PE shops like to do deals between $100M-500M. Smaller PE shops like to do deals between $25M-100M levels.

Historically, anything below…

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands functionally go through 4 key revenue milestones and stages.

  1. $0–1 million
  2. $1–5 million
  3. $5–25 million
  4. $25+ million

We’ll focus primarily on the first 3 stages in this essay. In the end, I’ll share some common denominators of high growth consumer brands.

$0–1 million revenue stage

The first stage ($0–1M) is the…

We’re living in the most aggressive monetary and fiscal policy era of all time.

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a 30 second overview of monetary vs fiscal policy.

Monetary policy is controlled by the Federal Reserve (The Fed). Fiscal policy is managed by the US government.

The Fed is independent of…

I joined Facebook (FB) when the company had less than ~8k people across the globe. When I left, it had 17k+. It was by no means a small company when I joined, but it certainly grew quickly during a short time span. I remember checking my status on my last…

Optionality feels exciting. People love having optionality in their careers. It provides a unique sense of power that get to decide what to work on and where to spend time.

Earlier in your career, you’re constantly trying to portfolio manage your risk. Jumping from one job to another every…

Success, in a vacuum, is the worst teacher. Real success is a result of trying something again and again and again, and then finally, making it work. Because success requires a feedback loop, it makes sense to then reflect on the opposite of success: failure.

In school, we’re taught to…

2020 will be a long chapter in the history books. There’s a global pandemic that activated quarantine measures for 4B+ people around the world, 41M+ are unemployed in the US and there’s civil unrest… and it’s just the beginning of June.

As companies, organizations, teams and individuals juggle macro events…

Faheem Siddiqi

Chief Strategy Officer at Lamark Media. Investor + advisor in early stage companies.

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